Nihon nikki, day 2. The speaka engrish edition.

So, since Anabel already chronicled the earlier half of our day via Facebook, I will go with the latter half. And it will have to be a short chronicle because I really need to kickstart Anabel.

Like, literally. Because we need to get going. But I’m digressing here.

So not only we found Mandy as an old ass piece of art here. There is also an ad around that features JoJo. Cats like mine are celebrities here. Ain’t that something.


As for the Tokyo Jihen concert, that was all flavours of awesome. And I really like to criticize shit, but their performance was flawless, something that you may not expect in a band with such a wide range. I didn’t expect such a huge ass fucking line when I got to the venue, too. The tickets were sold out minutes after going online, but this was too much for my uneducated Spanish eyes to see.

And that's less than a third of the whole thing

But alas, I wasn’t the only non-japanese in there. There was three of us! About ten people before me in the line there were two french dudes who had also travelled to see the Incidents live. Had to skip the line a bit to join them, but it was no biggie, since the seats were numbered. And my grasp of the Japanese language is limited enough to be able to honestly ignore every possible insult that was headed to me.

The venue was a theater and the seats were quite narrow. I don’t want to pull the race card here, but I’m 190 cm. tall and 80 kg. fat (regular-slim by Euro standards) and I barely fit in there. My legs were a clump of dry blood and death by the time the gig ended, but fuck it, I enjoyed every single moment of it.

Far far up, right in the middle

My seat was in the second balcony, which was pretty out there, but the acoustics of the venue were kickass. I managed to sneak in a microtrack recording device (OMG ILLEGAL) but I don’t think the recording quality is quite up to snuff. I only brought in a small stereo mic, and sneaking a couple of huge ass condenser microphones may have been entirely too much. But I will try to go all CSI on my audio later and see if I can forensic the hell out of it to make it iPod-worthy.

And I finally managed to wake up Anabel (with a Tokyo Jihen song, no less) so it’s time for me to keep on truckin’. Today is Ohanami time with my Japanese teacher’s buddies, but I will try to trick my possé into either going to Akihabara, to the Hey Arcade to the location test of King of Fighters XIII, or perhaps to die eating a big ass tower burger at Pakutch, in Shibuya.

Because that’s the reason to come to Japan. Hamburgers and videogames.

For realsies.

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